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    Eh, although I believe the OP raced the clocklost and should take it with a bit more elegance; a complaint is on the market. Chocky Day along with the events had catch-up mechanisms set up for those who missed out on a day or 2 midway through or on. Thus, it is not too unreasonable to ask that after events which operate in a similar manner have a buffer of the excess day or so at the end to aid those who may lose out on the previous event reward."

    The Steamed Buns event did possess a catch-up mechanism, but it's not completely clear if it was supposed, and it certainly wasn't explained in case in-game or notice, and was not automatic like the Artifact one.You could do the fixing collection quest 10 times a day per character.You would not get Buxx for extra quests on other characters if you've reached the cap. However, much like the Artifact event, the cap rose. So if you missed out on a day, you could make it up by doing the 10 quests on each of two characters.

    I really don't think that understanding this could have helped OP, however. If one did the quests of the last day there was no making up for this. Same as the Artifact event.I agree it might have been nicer if the"store" quest (and the NFL 19 Coins Artifact reward-collecting quest too ) could stay busy at least before the maintenance now.

  • 10/7/18 at 1:00 AM -
    2/21/19 at 1:00 AM
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