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    One dayI logged in to see that all of my accounts was completely wiped--no cash, weapons, or clothing. Straight away, I guessed my former friend, that had popped up from the blue a couple of weeks before to ask for help hacking somebody else (I'd refused). I understood she still knew my password from back when we were friends. I hadn't even thought to alter it. It'd never occured to me she would do anything so cruel.

    I felt miserable. Not only had I lost my best buddy I had lost everything else I'd worked tough to make in this particular game. My other Maplestory friends offered to help me get back at her and her boyfriend (who I suspected as a co-conspirator). I refused. At stooping to their level I didn't see the purpose. It wouldn't give me back my items or my previous friend.

    Maplestory didn't feel exactly the same, then. A couple of weeks after, I woke up one day and realized I did not want to play it. I felt sick of it. I was going to put in my second year of high school and had just turned 16. I had begun to create an increasing number of friends offline. The more time I spent away from Maplestory, the less it was buy Maple story M Mesos overlooked by me. I had been too busy stressing about my potential and keeping up to think about logging onto Maplestory.

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    1/26/19 at 1:00 AM
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    Maplestory M Mesos,buy Maplestory Mesos Map
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    MaplestoryM Mesos,buy MaplestoryM Mesos
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